katie's first!

i love this one so much.


Hart said...

I got katie here, I'll get her to make a comic
I promise it will be about cats
3:17 PM Sean: yes!!!!!
8 minutes
3:25 PM Sean: kk
12 minutes
3:38 PM me: ok I got one from each of us
3:39 PM Sean: use computers to send me the pictures
me: http://dawnofdesign.info/images/random/katiecat.gif
5 minutes
3:44 PM Sean: those are so sweet
3:46 PM me: make sure you refresh the mustache one before you take it I made one little change
the arrow from panel to panel
3:47 PM Sean: god fucking damnit.
i already saved it
3:49 PM me: you gonna post these or what, we gotta get on with our day

Sarah said...


cornbread hell said...
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