take that brian!



i get to drive this at work

well. he will soon.

the hbomb at the jobsite


oh what a beautiful day



basketball goodness

i'll put this up, even though they don't talk about GWall enough over at Give Me the Rock

A series of drunk

from my good (and drunk) friends in the capitol city



nooooooooooo! such sadness from the hbomb and his furry friend.

must have died from # overdose


tacos tacos tacos tacos

stray dogs and dad's thoughts on them.


katie's first!

i love this one so much.



this is maybe the first comic that i've put up without the person thinking they were drawing a 30 second comic. ha! gotcha madame furie


second youngest post ever!

thanks richard!

oh beard

that would suck.



paper bag on couch by karlito

karlito at his best.

the paper is for the next Dynamo game

seanrules and karlito

1. that is a soccer ball i'm told.
2. grapefruit. but i didn't need to tell you that.

this was a comic off that karlito and i had at work. two men. two markers. two rooms. two white boards. one goal. thirty seconds.


my half bro

this is one of my favorite comics so far. i'm sure you remember the reference here.


phone post

there is a real calzone in there too!



so many comics, so little time!

i'm putting this comic up because i like it, and because the filename is :

our youngest post yet!

my boss's daughter is 6 years old. i guess i would write a joke about pee and poop if i was that age and only had 30 seconds to think. first prize to someone who sends in a comic from anyone younger than 6!




i wasn't posting b/c i wasn't at my work computer. then i turned my brain on and realized that i had some in my email. i was at the tyler zoo today, and we made some sweet video/animal 30 second comics. just you wait.


give me the comic 2


this one is great, seriously in my top 5. i love the faces. and who doesn't enjoy a PJ Brown reference?
this one is from Nels over at givemetherock.com he got a little jealous of how i said "Patrick is my favorite author" over at GMTR. good form Nels, way to get yourself the rock.


at least it isn't "lines on my face"

a subtle homage to my favorite teacher of all times.


Post issues

Sorry folks. When I was in Vegas this weekend, I learned a few things.

1. Sometimes there will be no posts due to accidental deletions of administrator accounts. No one's fault.

2. I need to get better at drawing comics when I'm in weird/fun places. I had some flight trouble (40 hours worth) but I should have risen above and drawn some comics in one of the many lines I was in. Those would be priceless. Well, I've learned my lesson, and from now on I will be drawing comics whenever life takes me out of the office. As the D said, "sometimes you have to manufacture inspirado."

And I intend to. (I damnit- I intend you to as well!)

give me the comic

this from my favorite author (until Nels gives me some better comics) over at givemetherock.com if you love fantasy basketball as much as i do, or just insanely detailed statistical breakdowns, or grade A humor, or the occasional cheerleader pictures (dudes and dudettes) then you already love givemetherock.com . props to Patrick for giving this crazy CU30S thing a go. Be inspired! Send comics!